About Cotton Canvas Fabrics

Natural cotton fabrics and cotton blend fabrics. Cotton fabrics available: natural untreated and undyed cotton fabrics, cotton duck canvas fabrics, water resistant treated cotton canvas fabrics. Sold by the yard or rolls.

Fabric is shipped in Continuous Yards up to length of the fabric roll. For example, 10 yards of fabric is shipped as 10 continuous yards, not ten 1-yard pieces.

Cotton Canvas Fabric Material

Product Overview

Natural Canvas, also, canvas duck cloth, is untreated, unbleached, undyed 100% natural cotton canvas. Color is natural cotton green, beige, off-white, black, red color. Cotton Canvas applications include upholstery, sofa and couch slip cover, furniture covers, bags, floor cloths, drapery, aprons, table cloth, pillows, theatre drops and paintings.

This canvas fabric may be ship FOLDED, i.e., not on a roll. Natural Canvas is not water resistant treated. If you need water resistant canvas or flame retardant canvas fabric for tarp or outdoor covers, please check SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED water resistant canvas fabrics. Natural cotton Canvas fabrics are sold by yard, if you need finished tarps with seams, hems and grommets, please contact us.