By now you have hopefully explored all the offerings and settled on a glass roof.  You are not alone, we are seeing an increase in popularity of glass roofs for a number of reasons, which we have listed below.

As a structure, a glass roof is a subtle addition to your outdoor space.  Similar to outdoor metal furniture, the design choices are yours to decide.  Providing a solid shelter structure, some of our manufacturers offer different designs and colours to the supporting posts that hold up the glass roof.

A glass roof delivers shelter whilst still providing panoramic views of your outdoor space – there is no obstruction to looking out over your outdoor space.  If you choose to sit outside or hold a gathering, a glass roof makes sure the weather doesn’t dampen the enjoyment of your leisure time, whilst still being able to look up and out.

A glass roof above your patio provides perfect shelter, whilst allowing you to step into your garden, or back into your house, without any obstructions – ideal!  And there is no need to retract or take anything down at the end of the day, or if the wind picks up or turns.

Most importantly a glass roof provides shelter, allowing you to enjoy your outside space whatever the weather.  You can choose LED lighting and infrared heaters to make the glass roof experience even more enjoyable.

If you are concerned about needing some shade under your glass roof on particularly hot days, we can provide under and over-awnings.