SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED products are available in flat or curved designs and have powder coated aluminium joineryLight and heat transmission varies according to tint selection.

Unlike glass, translucent polycarbonate can be cold formed to a radius for a distinct architectural look, which makes it an ideal choice for a commercial project.

Key Features:

Enjoy your backyard and protect yourself, family and guests from the hot summer sun.
Protect outdoor furniture from fading and sun damage from the harmful sun’s UV rays.

Our Aluminum Awnings are low maintenance and add the finishing touch to your home.
Contemporary design, Made in Kenya!
Custom made to order to create the perfect Awning to suit your needs.

How to cover up your pergola space:-The requirement of homeowners to cover up their pergola may vary from adding a layer of protection to adding more personality to space.

It is not a challenging job if you know about the basics and has a fair understanding of the pergola covering project you have in hand, but you must be very careful about doing the same.

Building your pergola cover

Covered patios are very common in places like Nairobi & Mombasa, which can offer a lot of welcome space and protection to those who want to spend their leisure time outdoors. The primary notion of a pergola is the slat pieces on the top. These can be of various sizes, as in 2x8s, 3x3s, or  4x4s, etc. These can also be in a lattice shape which can help to block the sun’s angle. These are also made with the need for supporting the vines or other climber plants. A well-built pergola is supposed to be very appealing with ambient shade.

To build a pergola cover, you can choose translucent polycarbonate cover, which you can get from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED. This is all about your personal choice regarding the look, feel, and finish of the pergola cover.

It is important to take all the measurements right while you are planning to install pergola covers.