We all know that increasing summer temperatures can be dangerous to young people and limit the time that can be spent outside. Our shade systems at SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED offer a wide range of options to help protect your playground from the scorching heat while keeping kids safe and protecting your playground investment from the damaging effects of the sun. Why should you get a shade for your school, church, home, or apartment playground? Below are five great reasons for considering playground shading. From our smaller-scale hanging cantilevers to our larger-scale hexagon shades, we are sure to give you the shade options you are looking for. Visit our website or give us a call +254798882837 to speak with a team member for a free quote and design help to get you started today!

  1. Keep Your Recreation Areas Cooler

Having a shade structure will significantly reduce the ambient temperature of your playground equipment. Any material in the direct summer heat will get so hot that it makes it almost impossible to have a good time. Recreation time quickly turns into a miserable experience when the equipment is too hot to touch. Our shades reduce the heat and keep kids safer, allowing them to enjoy the equipment at much larger time intervals. Also, our fabric shade structures are breathable and allow air to pass through, keeping the area underneath cooler than wood or metal structures.

  1. Protection from Elements

Our shade structures do far more than just protect kids and your commercial playground investment from the sun, it can also add a needed barrier from wind, dust, or rain. Our shades at SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED provide year-round protection that allows you to enjoy your playground in all four seasons. What about rain? No problem, SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED’s park playground shade structures use a fabric that features 100% waterproof allowing your kids to have fun even when the weather doesn’t cooperate!.

  1. Be Compliant with Accreditation Standards

For preschool, schools, park and recreation departments, and many other public agencies, accreditation standards require a certain amount of square footage to be shaded, either naturally through trees or through the artificial shade. If natural shade is not an option in your area, a shade structure may be the best route to meet these standards.

  1. Protect Your Commercial Playground

Commercial-Grade playgrounds are a serious financial investment. Between the research and design of the perfect playground structure, you have dedicated your money and human resources to provide the most fun playground you can. We know that you want your shade systems playground made in KENYA from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED to last many years and with our playground shade solutions, we are able to help keep your equipment safe from the long-term damaging effects from the UV rays of the sun and general exposure from many other natural elements. 

Ready To Get Started? 

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