Polycarbonate roofing has replaced glass and acrylic in various applications because of its numerous benefits today. These polycarbonate roofing sheets are available in a variety of qualities and thicknesses. When compared to glass, they are much lighter in weight, yet durable, and resistant to breakage and cracks. These are only few of the reasons why polycarbonates are today so popular among the users for constructional purposes.

Earlier this material was used only in commercial structures as these sheets were very expensive to purchase. A polycarbonate roof was seen only in high profile restaurants, cafes, lounges and offices. But with the growing realization of its benefits, people starting opting for this material more and more. This led to high demand of the material, thus lowering costs. Today, it is so affordable that it is being used in a wide range of residential constructional purposes. Polycarbonate is used for doors and windows, instead of glass. To enhance modern home decors, these sheets are also used for showers and swimming pool enclosures. Other areas where these sheets are used in residential projects include balconies, patios and decks. In the commercial sector, they are highly used in greenhouses, sports stadiums, railway stations, carports and office buildings.

It is the multiple advantages that polycarbonate has that makes it so widely used today. Some of the most important benefits are listed below.

Ease of construction

Polycarbonates are so light weight yet durable. This makes them very easy to install. They can be easily handled and can be fixed with the help of screws and support rods, or can be easily welded. Also, these sheets can be easily cut with the help of sharp-edged scissors and circular saws without the need of any additional tools and machinery.

Lowered costs

The light weightiness of polycarbonate makes it easier to handle, transport and carry. Therefore, the costs involved with the labour and transportation are highly cut down. This makes polycarbonates even more affordable even after purchase.


Polycarbonate, being so strong and flexible, helps the structures it is used in to be more creatively designed. Unlike glass, the structures that use polycarbonate can be shaped like domes, igloos and many other fancy shapes that add a design feature to the building.

Property of resistance

Polycarbonates are resistant to impact and any kind of damage. Therefore, these sheets can be used in areas that are prone to stone, hail, rain, wind, storm and snow. Even in the worst case of breakage, these sheets do not produce harmful shards like glass. Also, these sheets are highly resistant to flame and do not cause toxic gases when on fire. So, they can also be conveniently used in areas prone to fire.

Sound barrier

The ultimate property of polycarbonate to block sound makes it a popular material used in areas that require privacy like conference rooms, office cabins, etc.

Ultraviolet protection

One of the most beneficial features of polycarbonate is that it lets in maximum sunlight while keeping out the harmful UV radiations. Therefore, it is the ideal choice when you want maximum light to come in without being harmful. This property makes it the most widely used in greenhouses to help the plants within to grow well while keeping them protected against burning.

There are many other areas where polycarbonates are used, other than constructional purposes. They are also used in the advertising industry, for police equipment, automobile parts and many other applications. Whatever your area of usage, you must get in touch with SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED to get your hands on the best quality polycarbonate sheets available in a variety of qualities, types, colours and designs.