Polycarbonate Canopy-Outdoor Pergola Roof Triangle Awning

Impact resistance, unbreakable: The strength is hundreds of times higher than that of tempered glass and acrylic plate, which is tough, safe & anti-theft.

Product Details

We have a team with strong technical strength, high professional quality and rich practical experience to provide our customers with excellent Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, Tinted Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet, Flat UPVC Board. We are willing to build long-term, friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation with you. We take quality first, reputation first and customer first as the principle and our low price, good quality, perfect service- products are exported to overseas.

Product Brief

With the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of social processes, urban construction, including the construction of commercial housing, is also constantly improving. With the rapid development of Kenya’s automobile industry, more and more people are buying cars, and new problems have emerged one after another—Parking. In the face of these private cars, the general communities have begun to set up underground parking lots to solve the inconvenience caused by the increase of vehicles and greatly save the space on the ground.

It is also necessary to install carports at the entrances and exits of underground parking lots. Although the carports at the entrances and exits of underground parking lots of different sizes and colors are different, they are basically made of PC sunlight panels. So, what is the reason for choosing a sunboard?

As we all know, high-quality solar panels have the characteristics of high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame resistance, and aging resistance. Due to their outstanding advantages and long service life, they are widely used in greenhouses, carports, rain, etc. Sheds, rain decks, sun rooms, daylighting roofs, etc.

In addition, the underground entrance and exit carports also need to consider the issue of waterproofing and drainage, because the surface of the sunboard is smooth, and it will not cause a lot of backlog when it encounters rain and snow. There is no need to worry about the collapse of the carport. Therefore, it is very safe and practical to install the sun panel carport at the underground entrance.