The Glass Veranda is a stylish veranda, canopy, car port or glass room system that is glazed with a choice of 6mm toughened glass or 6mm solid polycarbonate in the roof itself. Price includes 6mm clear glass.

The lightweight design lends itself to many properties old and new. The pitch of the roof can be chosen to suit with a simple wall plate fixture and front support posts which can either be concreted directly into the ground or bolted to a concrete pad formed in the ground.
Rainwater is collected in the front gutter profile to be directed to one or any/all of the posts used in the front support.

The glass roofing reduces the noise during a downpour and is also easy to clean.

It is a canopy system made to order in width and projection with a built in rainwater guttering system discreetly built into the front support profile section.

The rainwater is directed down the front support legs as required either straight into the hollow aluminium leg or using plastic downpipe internally which can then be directed out as required at whatever height suits.


The glass veranda has a special temperature control, the unique blue/bronze tint keeps the temperature under the canopy cool whilst still letting light through.

Integral guttering.

Standard colour finish is white for stock framework. Wide range of colour options, the aluminium frame can be finished to any colour.

Choice of Glass or Polycarbonate – Choose to have the glass veranda covered with either 6mm solid polycarbonate, 6mm toughened glass or 6mm toughened, self-cleaning glass.

UV Activated Self-Cleaning Glass – The 6mm self-cleaning toughened glass has a UV activated special coating that is applied during manufacture that breaks down organic dirt which is then washed away by the rain. Only a small amount of UV is needed to activate the special coating so that your canopy remains clean even on cloudy day.

Toughened Glass – Both glass options are toughened during manufacturing

Low Maintenance – All roof options are low maintenance, particularly the self-cleaning glass, which means less cleaning is required, saving you time and money.

Simple Fixing System with Minimal Parts – For a simple and speedy installation.

Low Profile – The glass veranda can be fitted in height restricted areas.

Integral Aluminium Guttering – Creates a sleek, modern design which is stronger than external guttering systems and saves time on installation.

The Victorian Upgrades are easy to install.

Infrared Heaters – Add Wall Mounted Infrared Heaters to your veranda to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Lighting – Add stylish, efficient lighting for the complete finish, maximising the use of your canopy or veranda.


Once the width and projection is decided we will decide and calculate the roof pitch before manufacturing and confirm with a drawing.
Most verandas are positioned to have any doors to the house centrally positioned with sufficient width to either side to give sufficient cover to protect from rain falling at an angle in windier conditions.