The Kenyan climate provides so much time to enjoy space outdoors.

The glorious landscapes invite us to go outside and play.

But yards also mean maintenance. Who wants to spend time watering, mowing, pruning and weeding? 

There are ways to design your landscape that can lessen the time and money you spend on your yard. From native plants to unique design elements, a little planning can mean more leisure time in your outdoor space.

Are you looking for ways to achieve a low maintenance yard this?

Idea 1 – Xeriscaping a Low Maintenance Yard

Xeriscape design uses native plants to create a stunning but low-maintenance garden. Especially in the dry climates, xeriscaping is an important way to help conserve water without sacrificing the beauty of your garden.

Native plants are drought-resistant, don’t need fertilizer, and require little effort on your part. Paired with a paved or gravel walkway, xeriscaping is an inspiring way to bring color and creativity to a desert landscape.

Natural grass is costly and difficult to maintain in dry climates. 

Xeriscaping offers a financial benefit in addition to the environmental one. You don’t need to worry about irrigation or hiring a lawn maintenance crews!

Idea 2 – Hardscape Features

Installing a paver patio in your yard provides a beautiful area for a variety of uses. Children, adults, and pets can all safely enjoy paved areas. Best of all, they are low-maintenance, easy to clean, and very versatile.

Do you need more room for outdoor furniture or to cookout on the grill? A paved patio is the perfect spot.

Are you looking for some greenery? Raised planters can offer opportunities for easy-to-care-for plants that will be noticeable from any area in the yard.

Are you looking for a safe way for elderly guests to enjoy the outdoors? Paver patios provide support and mitigate the risk of trips and falls. You can even have lighted pavers installed for extra safety if you’d like!

Idea 3 – Small Boulders and Gravel

Natural rocks and stones give any landscape a unique and warm feeling. From small gravel around plants to larger river rocks for drainage or small boulders for decor, this landscape element is versatile and extremely easy to care for.

Not only do rocks add a unique look to your yard, but they also create a permeable surface that can help keep your plants healthy. Instead of pooling on a paved surface such as a concrete patio, rainwater can easily seep between the rocks and back into the soil. This is another great way to cut down dust, add color and conserve water, time, and money in your landscape maintenance.

Idea 4 – Artificial Grass

If you’re still looking for that green lawn effect, consider installing artificial grass. Inexpensive and easy to maintain, artificial grass is the “natural” choice. If you have children or pets, artificial grass is a safe way to give them a place to play.

Combine artificial grass with other landscape elements to get the most out of your yard. It looks great next to a small patio or outdoor kitchen area. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about watering, mowing or fertilizing!

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