Practical And Elegant Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings provide nothing short of complete shade and an easy to use and quick to deploy mechanism. Their major benefit, however, is their incredible durability, both under extreme weather conditions and heavy use. They also offer businesses who enjoy a front patio or an outside area the opportunity to display their property more predominantly and elegantly than ever before. The folding arm awnings that we can provide you come with a powder coated retractable folding arm system that is easy to retract. If that’s not enough, the retractable folding arm can even be motorized for quick deployment during those hot days, or for when the weather turns nasty. Our folding arm retractable awnings are also available in a wide variety of colours, including the shades, allowing you to tailor your home’s exterior to your heart’s content.


The materials that we use to construct all of our folding arm awnings come from Turkey and Australia, and our suppliers are some of the biggest and reputable names in the industry. Both suppliers are renowned for their innovation in design and the high quality components used, of which combine to create a long lasting and robust retractable folding arm awnings and blinds. Best of all, Retractable blinds are made specially made or the Kenyan Market.

We also offer a great range of accessories for your new folding arm awnings. From automatic wind to sun sensors, convenience is only just a touch away. For further information regarding remote motorization, contact one of our consultants today 0798882837, and ask them what such a bespoke awning system can do for you.