Polyester/Cotton/ 400gsm Waterproof Ripstop canvas fabric for tent


We specialize in weaving Heavy Fabrics for Bags, Tarpaulins, Tents, Truck Covers and Various other purposes. We can weave Canvas Fabrics from 250 Gms/m2 – 1000 Gms/m2

Being vertically integrated we can offer the following finishes on our Canvas Fabrics:

Polyester and Cotton Canvas


Waterproof & Rot proof

Please forward us your exact requirements and quantities and we will be pleased to quote you our best prices based on the weight and Construction you may require

Description: Ripstop canvas is a woven fabric created using a reinforcing technique. This technique makes the material resistant to tearing and ripping. Ripstop is used for outdoor blinds, tents or tented camps. Due to its strength it is also used to create canopy covers and tarpaulins.

Width: 1.8m

Length: 50m

Uses of Ripstop Canvas Material

Ripstop is a nylon parachute fabric texture, semi matte with a fine gloss grid pattern creating a nice uniform style.

The ripstop Fabric is a typical running item of our CANVAS MATERIAL with its medium weight and good strength for garments. We are adopting all poly cotton blended ring spun yarns to weave this fabric, and we put 2 or 3 picks parallel in both warp and weft direction in order to make superior strength in anti-tearing and anti-breaking. The weight of this fabric is 235gsm can supply a right thickness for Sprint and Autumn training. It is well and widely used for training uniforms , police uniforms and military uniforms etc. it is also used for administrator’s uniform in many big enterprises.

Ripstop Canvas

Available in a variety of colours

180cm Width

Priced & Sold Per Meter or Per Rolls