An innovative and sophisticated dual-pole shade design, SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED brilliant pavilion roll-up canopy offers an extra large shaded area when needed and folds away effortlessly when not in use. Opening and closing can be done by one person with absolute ease. Fully opened, it protects from the mid-day sun; partially closed, it provides morning and late afternoon shade. The Pavilion roll-up canopy shade is perfect for creating evening ambiance.

Coming from the land of sunshine, Kenya, the Pavilion roll-up canopy shade has been engineered to cope with rapid changes from sunshine to rain and back. Every facet of this shade solution assures strength and longevity—from its sturdy, weather-resistant poles, solid stainless steel wind stabilizers and fittings to Sunbrella’s acrylic canvas colorfast, dirt and water-resistant outdoor fabric. The canopy comes in a variety of colors.

One stand-alone Pavilion roll-up canopy shade solution accommodates seating for eight to ten people. For larger groups, just put two or more  Pavilion roll-up canopy shade structures together, back to front or side by side, connecting them with  optional gutters for a continuous awning to extend your shaded area. If you need privacy or protection from wind, you may order matching fabric walls that directly attach to the frame. Whatever your needs are from medium to large shade solutions,  SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED satisfies them with elegance and style.

The , SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED  Pavilion roll-up canopy shade dual-pole shade is only sold together with its two bases. This metal base has been specifically engineered to add strength and stability when open.

Wind guidelines: The Pavilion roll-up canopy shade handles moderate winds in the fully opened position. As with all umbrellas, assess and lower the canopy as winds increase. Keep canopy collapsed when unattended.