• Unique gazebo in a modern and elegant style
  • Strong and durable powder coated steel frame
  • 300 g/m² polyester cover
  • Elastic bounds system provides flexibility
  • Perfect for gardens, patios, and yards

Butterfly Gazebo sun shade is a unique design that will provide both shade and style to your patio or garden. The unique construction will make the otherwise ordinary gazebo a natural focal point in your garden. At the same time, the butterfly gazebo will be a valuable part of the garden furniture, as it will provide shade on sunny days. The fabric is mounted with elastic cord to give flexibility and endurance. Having a gazebo in your garden or on the patio will be important both when you want to relax and be in the shade. Furthermore, when you invite people during the day they will enjoy the shade – and later in the evening, the gazebo will protect you from the falling dew. Finally, the gazebo will be perfect for protecting children playing in the garden. With a gazebo over the play area, you will avoid your children getting too much sun.