Utilizes Shade Structures

While you’ve probably only recognized shade structures at playgrounds or local parks, chances are you’ve probably seen them regularly in numerous other places too. Because commercial shade structures are incredibly effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing, many industries are utilizing them to provide sun and heat protection.

Here are 5 commercial uses for shade structures you didn’t know:

Churches and Synagogues – Shade structures can also provide valuable shade to churches and synagogues. Whether it’s providing sun protection for playground equipment or a cool shaded environment for outdoor church activities, shade structures can help encourage more outdoor activities for church participants.

Auto Dealerships – Shade structures can offer numerous benefits to open car lots at auto dealerships. Not only can shade structures protect a dealership’s inventory from weather damage but it can also increase curb appeal to help attract customers.

Schools and Childcare Centers – Schools and childcare centers have stringent child safety requirements when it comes to providing children a safe place to play and/or eat outside. Shade structures can assist schools and child care centers by protecting students and young children from the harmful ways of the sun.  

Restaurants and Bars – One of the ways shade structures can greatly assist restaurants and bars is by helping to attract more customers. Shade structures can also help restaurant or bar owners turn their outdoor area into a comfy open-air seating or waiting area.

Hotels and Resorts – Hotels and resorts can greatly benefit from shade structures, especially if they have an outdoor pool or dining/bar area. Shade structures can provide added comfort and style to swimming pools, lounge areas and patio bars.

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