Wall tents, also known as safari tents, have four straight walls with plenty of headroom and are typically made from a heavy-duty canvas material like cotton. They are used by hunters because of their liveability, accommodating several people and their equipment.

This style of tents has also become popular for family glamping trips in recent years as well. The stove jack that often comes with these canvas tents is great for keeping campers warm in the cold winter, meaning this canvas tent is a great all-year option.

The durable cotton canvas that comes with this tent is enhanced by the storm windows at the back of the tent which let light in but also protect you from the elements whilst inside. Seems are double stitched and corners are reinforced to ensure this canvas tent keeps you sheltered from the weather.

Just looking at this canvas tent should prepare you for a difficult setup. The fact it comes in two separate bags will also potentially freak out any newbies looking at this tent. But at SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED we have color-coded the parts to make assembly easier.

To set this canvas tent up properly, you will need three adults of average height which hopefully won’t be an issue for a group of hunters or older family campers.

It isn’t the most versatile canvas tent and isn’t intended for spontaneous trips but as a base camp for longer camping holidays, this canvas tent is a top option.

The high ceiling in wall tents means that they can be used for hobbies, fairs, yard sales, or a range of other events other than camping trips. This can be a good way to gain even more from this luxurious tent with plenty of space.

All of this space, comfort, and durability doesn’t come cheap. But with the SBF canvas camping  Tent, the old adage that you get what you pay for rings pleasantly true. It’s certainly an investment, but one that we can see is well worth it for the right camper.