Retractable Awning Canopy (Manual/Motorized)

Best used for: Cafés-Restaurants-Balconies-Parking Areas-Car Shade-Store Fronts-Narrows Spaces and Outdoor Gardens.

The SBF awning is a durable, high-quality awning that is elegantly styled and incorporates refined technical features. The folding arm awning is a cost effective awning with large profile ideal for wall fixing. Available as an open awning or with a fabric protective hood. A combination of galvanised steel, aluminium and Teflon-coated bearings means excellent rust resistance. High tension spring arms ensure fabric sits away from arm joints with plastic coated single cable hinged arms (no grease!).

Size: Length x Width   

Features of Folding Arm Awning:

  1. Extremely High Spring Tension
    The extremely high spring tension of the hinged arm ensures a superbly taut sit of fabric, with no resting of the awning cloth in the arm joints. The hinged arm joints feature a pin made of high-grade steel.
  2. Hinged arm joint
    The plastic coated cable is designed for an extremely long service life. No soiling of the greased cables caused by exposure to the environment
  3. Arm bracket
    Reliable and secure, the arm bracket is made from high-strength aluminium alloy. Designed and manufactured so that the angle of incline of the awning can be adjusted over a wide range. Minimized friction with wall bracket and arm does not need to be moved during installation process.
  4. Arm
    To protect against break and tear of the arm angle, the area has been specially reinforced. Our plated springs with its 3piece structure will maintain its elasticity.
  5. Wall bracket
    Aluminum welded for superior strength, with 3 holes (rather than 2) that enable flexible installation in any location and construction environment. Structurally designed to withstand bending in large sized awnings.
  6. Gear box
    Some products have gears that are too stiff or some just the opposite, that may eventually lead to loosened awnings. Our folding arm awning is equipped with high precision gears that relieve such concerns and have been upgraded to offer operability comparable to larger gear boxes.
  7. Pole bar support
    The arm angle can be adjusted with ease from under the valance.


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