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Venetian blinds can have different slat widths and different operating modes, those blinds are able to satisfy the most diversified tastes.

A practical advantage of venetian blinds compared to other methods of window decoration consists in the simplicity of maintenance and cleaning. More than this, the variety of options, models and colours assure the adapting at the needs and architecture of your interior design. A discovery that goes beyond time and combines the utility of a classic product with the refined looks. Venetian blinds can be made out of aluminium or wood. Those made of aluminium have a slat thickness of 20mm, 25mm or 80mm. They offer multiple possibilities of maneuvering and installation.

The manual operation system consists in the usage of a crank or a monocomand system with a single chain. There is the possibility of motorization and automatization by using an electrical operation with a command system with switch or remote control. Little usage space and high flexibility allow a diverse usage of the venetian blinds both at home or at your working place.

Our made to measure aluminium venetian blinds are the perfect solution for any space. From home windows to office windows, our aluminium venetian blinds will transform your live or work space by giving it a sleek, clean look with complete control over the amount of sun light that enters the room.


Our Venetian Aluminium Blinds 25mm use ONLY aluminium Head & Bottom rails for improved quality of both vertical and horizontal aluminium blinds. The aluminium rails eliminate the corrosive effect of normal & coastal climates, which increase the lifespan of our venetian blinds. In addition, all the components, cords, ladders and slats for our venetian blinds are all imported to ensure the best quality product.

Our functional and decorative venetian blinds come in a variety of colours with colour matching tapes so your Venetian Aluminium Blinds 25mm will always accentuate your décor.

Commercial Buyer: Restaurants, Department Stores, Super Markets, Hotels