Shade net from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED is the most durable and colourful decorative shade netting available that enhances and protects your valuable assets.

This contemporary all-climate protection is the best solution for industrial, commercial and domestic applications and comes in an exciting range of trendy fade-resistant colours.

SBF SHADE NET is manufactured using virgin High Density Polyethylene, the best UV stabilizers and high quality refined pigments with high light-fastness properties, which provide excellent fade-resistant and strength properties for the individual yarns in the shade netting.

SBF SHADE NET has a ten year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation. SBF SHADE NET is available in three weight categories, namely, light (150gsm), medium (190 gsm) and heavy (320 gsm).

The SBF SHADE NET range of fabrics have their own unique lock-stitch knit patterns and are heat set for additional dimensional stability using a hot air stentering process, which is the most effective heat setting process available for shade netting products.

SBF SHADE NET provides protection for a multitude of industrial, commercial and domestic applications and is available in over 30 exciting colours.

SBF SHADE NET fabrics are used for tension structures, shade sails and many other interesting and creative shade structures and combine the benefits of privacy, sun, wind and hail protection and enhance the appearance of outdoor surroundings.

Some industrial, commercial and domestic uses of SBF SHADE NET fabrics are: