Privacy Screen Shade / Windscreen Shade net

At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED, we are committed to providing our customers/clients with the best Shade Net Material solution that are durable and versatile when it comes to Fence Screens, Windscreens, and Privacy Screens to help you meet your specific needs. This solution is great for commercial and residential application when you require both privacy and shade or wind protection.

Our fence screen provides privacy and shade in a variety of residential and commercial application settings. These privacy fence screen also known as windscreen are made of mesh material which offers great protection from sun and wind while still allowing natural airflow in the spaces.

Our Fence screen are very ideal in construction sites in Kenya acting as site barriers in keeping a clean environment by controlling the amount of dust and sand arising from buildings, windscreens can also be attached to chain link fence to enhance your privacy or even used in sports fields such as tennis courts and agricultural purpose for Plant Protection.

Install a privacy screen/fence for added privacy. We can custom make a structure to provide both a barrier to nosey neighbours and a shelter from wind and sun. Imagine relaxing in the comfort of your own home knowing that your privacy is assured. The design aspect of this is very important and needs to flow with your environment, this is where we come in. Our installers and designers know exactly how to give you a professional look that will last you for many years. If privacy and shelter is a concern, call us now for your no obligation free quote.