Clear PVC Sheets. is a rigid solid sheet which has high impact and weather resistance

Clear PVC Material features UV blocking technology that reduces harmful UV light wavelengths from penetrating the plastic. Clear PVC Material is easily weldable using a high frequency or hot air welding machine.

Common Uses for Clear PVC material:

Clear PVC material makes a great glass alternative for windows, the material is popular when manufacturing flexible windows such as:

Following the Covid 19 Pandemic, the uses for Clear PVC Material have expanded. The material can be easily disinfected and has become more in demand for the manufacturing of safety shields, face screens and clear PVC screens for countertop client interaction points. The material can be used for decontamination, sanitation and disinfection tunnels with integrated mist systems to help against viruses, fungi and bacteria. Clear PVC Material is also popular in hospitals, the material being used to separate sections and to create partitions.

Clear PVC Material is softer than Clear rigid PETG material although the material has the same applications.

Clear vinyl is a flexible and durable plastic material available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses 

Available in:

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED offers Clear PVC Material, the material is available in full roll, ranging between 30 to 50 metres.

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