SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED specializes in projects like Car Park Shades & tensile fabric structures. We intent to provide the market with high quality product and service, with highly skilled and experienced technical workforce. The SBF team has a wide range of experience in Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Car Park Shades & tensile shade structures in KENYA and abroad. We also have alliances with large overseas companies for effective execution of large Car Park Shades & tensile shade structures.

Our CAR PARK SHADES supply and installation meets superior quality with use of good material for strength and durability and with the fabric of special quality in variety of colors within affordable/reasonable rates. The Car Park shades are designed for maximum protection of the vehicle from the sun rays and may be used as convenient alternative of traditional garage.

The Car Park Shades are in cantilever shape in free standing style and also be designed in connected/erected with any existing structure at site to respite space for miscellaneous use.

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED OFFER a variety of Car Park Shades, using quality materials and design to cover about 98% reflection of ultraviolet rays. The cantilever Car Park Shades design the shades may also be used at Swimming pool, Play area, walkway, residential area, office, and garden area etc. Car Park Shades Structures are formed with high power steel with HDPE fabric and PVC material good.

Features of  “CAR PARK SHADES” Are

  1. Protect the Vehicle from the Harmful UV Rays.
  2. Fabric used for cantilever parking shade structure is 100% high density with UV stabilized.
  3. Strong anti-aging sturdy and durable energy-saving beautify the environment.
  4. Effective block 90% UV damage.
  5. 5-10 years warranty against UV.
  6. Maintain gloss and shine of vehicle.
  7. Protect Wind Screen from Crack.