Are you planning to make a car parking shade that protects your car from harsh heat and looking for a highly experienced car parking shades supplier or manufacturer?  You have been landed on the right website. Whether you are looking for car parking shades in Nairobi, car parking shades in Mombasa, or car parking shades in Meru or across any part in Kenya can Contact us either by Email or Call.

Whether it is for commercial or residential space we at SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED provide the turnkey solution for all types of car parking shades.

We expertise in Design, Manufacture, and installation of a wide array of car parking shades in some of the prestigious locations in the country.


We Use High-Quality material in every aspect throughout the project that will provide 100% assurance of Durability. We use both waterproof and non-water-proof car parking shade material that provides protection to your vehicles all day in all-weather condition

Structure Material: 


High-Density Polyethylene Commercial 95 is a high quality knitted fabric, specially designed for car parking shade area, tensile structures and awning shades. HDPE Commercial 95 is manufactured using high-quality ingredients that have been selected for their resistance to ultraviolet light degradation. HDPE fabric is available in both waterproof and non-waterproof material depending on the client’s demands we use it for the car park sheds. This parking shade fabric cover is the most cost-effective form all other car parking shades cover fabrics.

Parking shade HDPE commercial 95 fabric carries 10 year UV Degradation warranty. Engineered in Australia and South Africa to offer the ultimate combination of maximum protection, strength, and durability. Commercial 95 340 parking sheds cover fabric has been specifically designed and constructed to provide UV block up to 98% safer outdoor environments which can be utilized for longer periods.