Tips on Designing a Carport:

Before you can complete your carport design you will need to know exactly what you need to use it for.

Carport plans for storing a car will vary from carport plans for storing an RV, as well as a carport that will later be converted for another use.

Figure out if it will be a single or a double carport as well.

These along with the tips listed are all ways to make sure your carport functions as a space you will use for its intended purpose.

  1. Minimum Measurements

Before you design your carport know what will be stored inside it. For example, if you are storing a long boat then you must figure in extra length from a standard carport plan.

The same goes for height. An RV will be taller than a truck or car and the proper clearance needs to be accounted for in your plans.

Even if you only plan on storing ATV’s in the space, plan to make it large enough for a car or small workshop.

You never know what height you might need later and building for allowances first is better then re-building to add a couple of feet.

  1. Materials Available

You have a couple different material choices for constructing your carport. The design can vary based on which you choose.

  1. Carport Conversions

If at any time you feel like it will be an option to turn your carport into a totally different storage solution, keep the following in mind.

You can convert many different styles of carports into garages or workshops.

If the original carport was designed correctly then adding walls and a door to one will not be a difficult task.

Some carports have been converted to enclosed patios as well.

  1. Skill Level

When designing a carport, keep in mind the skill level of the person building it.

If you are hiring a contractor to do the work. You can also contract SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED to do the job.

If you will be the one doing the project then make sure you are aware of local building codes and what permits might be required for your structure.

Keep in mind your limitations when making the carport design.

Carports can add an extra covered parking space or storage for needed supplies and off road vehicles.

There are many ways they can be designed to accommodate any vehicle.

When designing the carport remember to keep in mind all of the uses it might be used for and accommodate them into the design accordingly.