What are the Benefits of Carports?

Carports are a great alternative to garages, yet many homeowners are unaware of the wealth of advantages which are attributed to them. There are also many modern styles now available, which are a far cry from the old fashioned carports many people associate with. Practical and stylish, SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED’s range of carports are a fine addition to any driveway.

We’ve put together a list of some of the main benefits carports offer, to help you see that these accessories are much more than a rain cover.

Even though many homes these days have garages, it can only fit one car (if it isn’t used for storage) when many household have more than one vehicle. By installing a carport, you have another designated space for a vehicle and a safe, sheltered place to park. Remember that it’s not just cars that can use carports – they are great for caravans and mobile homes, boats and motorcycles too.

The main function of a car port is to protect whatever is under it from the weather. This could be from strong sun rays, rain or snow. Carports don’t generally have sides, but the roof offers a sturdy protection against all weather conditions

When you drive up and park under the carport, you and your passengers will also benefit from the weather protection. This is really helpful if you are getting a baby or toddler out of the car and you’re faced with heavy rain. No need to rush and drop everything, you’ll be sheltered right into the house rather than running from your driveway or parking spot on the street.

Similarly, when you’re unloading the car – whether it’s groceries or furniture – you’ll stay nice and dry.

You might not like keeping your car in the garage because most garages are dingy, mouldy and smell quite foul. Getting in and out of the car in that environment daily can be awful. The good thing about the carport is it offers the same protection but without the confined space. Air can circulate around the car, helping moisture dry rather than stay attached to your vehicle or motorhome in the garage.

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