Most modern homes have a garage attached, but that wasn’t always the case. For a long while, homes were built without garages, making the primary place to park the driveway or the street. Over time, the lack of coverage from the various elements and bad storms made garages all the more appealing and desirable. 

If you’re living in a home that doesn’t have a garage, the good news is that you don’t have to leave your car exposed to the elements. Carports are a fantastic way to provide your car with some additional protection without having to invest in an entire garage. If you think that a carport is the perfect addition to your home and solution for protecting your car, SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED can help!

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED offers a wide variety of carports for residents in KENYA to choose from. Whether you’re looking to cover a town car, RV, or boat, we have a carport that can get the job done.

The benefits of investing in a carport for your home.

One of the many benefits to choosing a carport as protection for your vehicle is the price point. In comparison to garages, carports are much more affordable and can provide nearly as much protection to vehicles when strategically placed. Aside from that, they’re much easier to install, making it a fast solution that you can enjoy in less time. 

Aside from being more affordable to install, carports are also more affordable to maintain. Garages require routine maintenance and when repairs are needed, they can be expensive. That’s simply not the case for carports.

A huge benefit of investing in a carport is that there are so many different ways that you can use this space. Whether you want to use it for some additional coverage for your car, RV, or boat or you’d rather use it as a space where you can enjoy some coverage from the sun and weather while outside, you can do just that! A garage can offer similar protection and options, but it’s not going to be quite the same as a carport. Alongside that, if you wanted to store something like an RV or a boat, a garage may need to be custom to account for the size of these vehicles.

If you do have a garage, but you’re looking for some additional protection for the cars of anyone that’s visiting or you have more cars than there are spaces in the garage, a carport is a fantastic option. If you already have a garage, it doesn’t make sense to extend or add an entire garage, in which case a carport is an affordable solution that yields the same results. Rather than do that, or leave your cars parked on the street or in the driveway without any protection, invest in a carport. 

Events may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a carport, but it’s certainly an added benefit to having a carport! How many times has there been a family barbeque, birthday, or get together that got rained out unexpectedly? Here in KENYA, it happens quite a bit. With a carport, you can add a table and some chairs underneath and enjoy the same outdoor feeling with so much more protection. 

Carports aren’t only going to provide you with protection from the rain, but they can provide some shade from the sun and the heat during long summer days. When you start to utilize your carport for more than parking, you can see just how great of an investment a carport can be.

Get a Quote on Your Carport 

If you think that a carport could be the perfect addition to your home, let SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED help. For years we have provided high-quality metal buildings to residents in the NAIROBI area. Whether you have questions about sizing, installation, or the like, our team is always happy to helpGive us a call today and a member of our team would be more than happy to provide you with a quote on a carport that suits your needs.