We use the highest quality steel and sheet metal in the market today. These are the various carport options:

Single Car Carport: Ordinarily, these units begin at 12 wide, 21 long and 6 side height, they are fashioned to house recreational and farm equipment. Primarily the carports provide you with enough covered space so you can use them for other assets.

Two Car Carport: This is for the protection of two cars, either full size or oversized vehicles, oversized farm equipment, boats and RV’s. These units typically measure from 18’ wide to 24 wide. For as long as you may need them, these units are available without question. These double carports provide the best coverage for all your investment and at the same time save you unnecessary costs.

The Advantages of Double Carport

A double carport is one of the most essential investments you could make in terms of taking care of your vehicle. Nowadays, contemporary designs for carports go beyond the obvious and the usual function. There are numerous reasons why more and more people buy a double carport than the ordinary parking space for their vehicle. Before making a huge financial investment on this integral or stand-alone feature, it helps to know the different advantages of multiple carports.

Ideal for Multiple Vehicles

A double carport is an ideal answer to your need for a sufficient space to accommodate multiple vehicles. Dual carports have sufficient interior spaces so that you can keep more than one vehicle at a time. Moreover, even if you only have one vehicle, a two-door carport is still a remarkable investment that you can use for years. Carports that can accommodate multiple vehicles are also ideal spaces to park a much bigger vehicle such as an RV. There are also carports that are big enough to accommodate and store a boat and other bulkier sources of transportation or sports equipment.

Important Tips for a Double Carport Investment

There are different materials to choose from when building a double carport. SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED offer a list of the potential materials to use for your carport, depending on your preferences and available budget. Metal/Steel carports are the most common due to their versatility and beauty. However, there are also units that have combined materials to increase the durability and lifespan of the structure. The best dual carport materials should be strong, long lasting, and flexible at the same time. It is not enough that you get cheaper materials but cannot guarantee how long they will last.

Partially Enclosed Metal Carports: Partially Enclosing Metal Carports helps you by reinforcing the structure, it provides extra shield from our weather elements. Of course, metal carports of any size can be partially enclosed, this can be achieved by including one or two gable ends, additional side panels, size and end walls.

Utility Carports: Here, there is the combination of both storage and shelter space, into one unit. This allows homeowners to make the most use of their space. By enclosing the unit in 5’s increments to create the kind of storage space that is required, any unit can be converted into a utility carport.

One of the most important things to consider when investing in a carport is to choose the right people for the job. SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED offers bespoke products and we are trusted and established suppliers. Unless you have an extensive understanding, skill, and training to make a carport, entrusting this investment in the hands of the pros is the no-brainer. 

A carport is a lucrative investment that offers innumerable benefits for you. The advantages of a carport are reasons enough for you to make that huge move and invest now. Choose the best carports with the help of the experts today!