Carports are good for protecting your vehicle from the elements: sun, rain, wind, snow, and ice. If you only need to weatherproof your vehicle (and provide shelter for yourself when you are loading and unloading), then this may be the best option for your needs. They are essentially a kind of shelter for cars.

CARPORTS can be as secure as a garage and it certainly protects your vehicle from natural catastrophes, tree limbs, debris, sticky tree sap, etc. Built of high-grade steel, ours are made to last. We offer just about every conceivable option to allow the most flexibility for our customer’s needs and desires.

Carports come in all forms as well as sizes however they also come in a variety of materials also. Steel is the most durable as well as beneficial for long-term utilization or heavy-duty coverage metal carports. There are really two fundamental types related to these types of carports and they are aluminum and steel carports. Occasionally you are able to actually have a mix of the two, however, this option is much less common as well as can be expensive.

So to keep things simple and easy you really want to go with an all-steel all-aluminum carport so you can keep your costs evenly across the board. The big problem with aluminum is durability and cost. Aluminum is much more expensive to build with and is more expensive to weld. NOWADAYS THE ADVANTAGE OF ALUMINUM (RUSTPROOF) HAS VIRTUALLY BEEN NEGATED BY NEW PROCESSES AND PAINTS USED IN STEEL MATERIALS.

Carports also offer convenience in location. They are like the garage spaces you have in your houses. They function the same way in giving protection to your cars. The only difference is that carports are not permanently affixed to a location but have concrete bolts or tie-downs that can be removed allowing you to relocate the unit to a different location with relative ease. If it does ever need to be moved, follow installation and moving directions that are provided by the manufacturer.

STEEL CARPORT STRUCTURES nowadays are not only made to protect cars from being exposed to thieves and depreciation but also for other fun purposes. You can enclose it entirely to use as a warehouse or storage building, you can even finish it out for a man cave or workshop. Cattle and horse ranchers love the flexibility, portability, and cost-effectiveness of these types of structures and have found many creative uses for them on their farm or ranch. Carports are fast becoming the one option in garage extensions and renovations.

The main advantage is the simplicity and functionality of the design. Many carports offer the most basic protection, with posts and an awning to shade vehicles from the heat of the sun, the wear of rain. Some designs are more sophisticated, though, many built to complement your home’s theme and construction. Indeed, some carports are so elaborate it’s easy to mistake these for actual garages, which is an advantage if you want to improve curb appeal with an installation that’s not in contrast to your home’s design.