What Are the Best Types of Car Parking Shade Fabrics?

When you talk about what are the best types of car parking shade fabric used in Kenya, you will find that one of the most common names is PVC, Tensile fabric and HDPE sun shade fabric/Shade net. These parking shade fabrics are a very popular choice, not only because they are durable, but because they are extremely lightweight and the fabrics are also waterproof and fire-retardant. This makes it perfect for use in outdoor car parking structures. Another reason why it is so popular is because of how easy the material is to work with. Once you have installed the fabric on a structure, you just need to take it down and then replace any damaged sections of it when the need arises.

Which is the best parking shade fabric?

The answer is shade net car parking shade fabric. This is because it is so durable, lightweight, and can be cleaned easily as well. You should make a note of this fabric’s durability though. It is very important that you use the right type of coating for the structures you are working on. You do not want to be putting any kind of coating on a concrete structure.

This depends on what you are using it for. If you are simply trying to protect your car from the elements, then you will not really need anything fancy. You will want to use something that is made out of the cheapest possible fabric. However, if you are trying to decorate the structure in such a way that it is appealing, you will want to consider using all different kinds of fabrics.

Some individuals prefer to use fabric panels as a form of protection. They can easily buy these and place them over the back part of the car. These panels can also be opened up to allow some sun exposure. If you are going to use something like this, you will want to keep the panels covered with a tarp or something else to keep the car dry. A car cover will work.

Bottom Line

Of all of these options, the simplest is to use PVC fabric. Car parking shade fabrics can be purchased at SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Most of them come in plain colors such as white, off-white, sand, beige and black. However, if you want to create a theme, you can customize it with logos or images of your choice.

When considering these car parking shade fabrics for your car park, you should keep in mind that a good design will help to maintain the temperature of the car park and keep out both the sun and rain without compromising your personal privacy. If you do this, then you can look forward to an enjoyable stay when visiting the premises. You will feel more comfortable when visiting any  car parks as long as you make sure that the area you will be parked in has the proper ventilation and sunlight blocking fabrics in place.