At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED, We install car shades anywhere in Kenya from o Nairobi to Turkana, in Uganda, in Tanzania, in Rwanda, South Sudan, Somalia.  It takes up to five days only to install a ready to use car shade. Our car parking shades designs are flexible and we can custom make the car shade upon request, we can also include curtains and any other requests you might have.

The suspended car shade or car sun shades are the most common car park shade systems. These car shades are used to provide shade and security for your car and are worth considering in this unpredictable East African weather. The suspended design car parking shade is a good investment to any East African outdoor parking area and it’s easy to get one in your driveway or outdoor space. Whether you are in Nairobi, Kampala or in Arusha, the hot burning sun can make your car quite hot during the afternoon. Parking it under a car sunshade prevents that nasty burn when you sit on your hot leather seats!

Carports complete the look of your outdoor space, they can be installed in Malls, offices, home compounds, hospital, hotels, and restaurants

We use the best quality fabrics for car shade from Europe, our most common fabric is the car shades shadenet, it can be 100% waterproof or 90%.

Car parking shade net comes in various colors such as blue, green, black, brick red and beige. In East Africa, our clients have chosen shade net as their material of choice when it comes to car shades fabrics. We also supply the car shade fabric and other raw materials separately to contractors at very affordable rates.

Apart from Shadenet, we do also PVC fabric to make a suspended design car shades. Suspended car shade design can be pyramid-shaped or curved/dome-shaped.

We are known for providing clean workmanship and excellent after-sale service with up to 12 months of free maintenance upon request.

We offer site visits within Nairobi for free and outside of Nairobi at a fee and we may charge accommodation depending on the location. Our team of experts will answer all your queries at the site and later with the help of our sales lady you can discuss other details of the project.

We provide car shade technical drawings at a cost if needed. Choose SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED for a dependable partner in your big car shade project.