Our best car parking shade lies with Arch design which are also contemporary designs in car parking shade structures, that can be blended with any architectural structures or building in residential areas and shopping malls which fit perfectly into your budget.

Our company SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LTD offers variety of exclusive arch shape designs. These kind of designs save our cars from the bad weather, like heavy rain fall, storms etc. We are providing the much needed protection by use of the Arch shape design from U.V. rays. They are wind, dust and corrosion free. We install these products in various sizes, shapes and very easy to install, suitable for factories, shopping mall and residential areas.

The Arch shape design structures are measured well because they cover adequately large area and protect the vehicle from tough sunlight. The structures are quite well built so it is strong enough to stand out insensitive weather conditions. It is really easy to install the shape on the frame and can be dismantles at any position of time.

Our company SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LTD provides these Bottom support design that gives a wonderful look to the place as well. It is not only comfortable rather stylish as well. It gives modern look to the house or commercial areas. It keep away the dust. It protect the car from U.V. Rays.

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LTD provides these Cone Single Pole-conical shape designs in the most modern design layout that not only projects the cars but work as parking shades. It gives extra-ordinary look to the structure. It is widely accepted for its design and a choice for single or multiple parking needs. It is ideal for residential, factories or shopping Malls, commercial areas and factories.