Keep your vehicle protected from the weather with a carport shade solution

Carport shade structures provide valuable protection for your vehicles from the harsh environment. Providing a cover for your car, bike, trailer or caravan means the vehicle is kept shaded and cool, plus has year-round protection from weather extremes such as harmful UV rays and hailstones, damage from corrosive animal droppings, leaf litter, dust and dirt.

Vehicles in driveways, and hence carports, are often in full view of the street, so design is of central importance with all our carport shade solutions. We visit your home to evaluate your property before proposing a solution, and to make sure the carport serves its practical purpose as well as integrating seamlessly with or enhancing the existing aesthetics of your home.

We have a range of carport shade fabrics and post colours to complement your existing building façade, plus a variety of architectural solutions, including free-standing carport shade sails, shade sails attached to a house or garage, and cantilevered shade structures for carports.

NB: If you park your car on your driveway, you should consider investing in driveway shade carport or car parking shade. Installing a carport over your driveway will allow you to protect your car from hail and sun and will also protect the paint of your car from deteriorating. Moreover, carports will reduce the heat on leather seats and protect your car from falling tree branches and bird and bat droppings as well.

For high-quality and great value driveway carports in Kenya, look nowhere else but SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED. We specialize in custom outdoor shades like carports that are also great for driveways. Our carports are available in various shapes that you can choose and up to 24 colour options.

If you would like more info on our carport shade solutions, or would like to initiate a quote, please contact us now