Why choose SBF Interiors and Outdoor Solutions Limited to install your Shade port/Carport?

SBF Interiors and Outdoor Solutions Limited offers a wide range of different parking shade options for affordable prices. Based in Nairobi Kenya. Our goal is to provide protection for your vehicles, trailers, boats, caravans, trucks without breaking the bank. Carports are also great for outdoor areas to give you protection from the heat and sun while still enjoying the outdoors.

Our workmanship is approved by insurance Companies, Architects and Engineers. We will help you with any custom project sizes and designs.

Sizes for carports are sized to the number of cars they can cover, i.e. a single carport can provide cover for 1 x vehicle. Although there are common sizes to choose from we can make any size carport and shade port you need from small patio covers to large commercial parking lot installations. Common sizes include, but not limited to:


To find out the price of Shade Net Carports for your unique project. Give us a call to get the standard price list. We will come out to see you anywhere in Kenya and all suburbs in and around Nairobi.