Our parking shade solutions come in different colours for posts and shade fabric. This means we can tie your new shade structure in with the aesthetic of surrounding buildings so that it doesn’t look out of place. You may wish to match the colour scheme of an existing building, or you could simply want something brighter to catch people’s attention. Most people choose a traditional green car parking shade for car park applications, but the choice is totally yours. If you want to add a splash of colour, we’re more than happy to assist!

We believe our customers deserve quality products, so we only use the best materials in car shade production. Our supports are made from high-grade steel, powder-coated to ensure they look great for many years to come. Our parking shades are also manufactured with strength and durability in mind while maintaining maximum UV protection. With 100% steel fabrication, we’re confident in the quality of our shade structures.

We’ve had extensive years of experience with large-scale shade projects, which is why you can trust us for both large commercial & residential shade structures. For commercial car shade, such as shopping centres, there are several options for shade depending on the needs of the space. We can expertly design and install massive car park shade structures with shadenet fabric roofs.

In some circumstances, primarily shopping centres, there are construction rules that govern the types of shade structures installed in car parks. Usually, there’s a restriction on post-placement – so we’ve come up with other solutions. We’ve installed hundreds of Cantilever shade sail structures, and they are an excellent solution for shopping centre car parks. They provide the shade you need with minimal obstruction from posts.

Installing high-quality, visually appealing commercial car park shade structures can increase your revenue by attracting new shoppers, increasing shopper stay time and making yours the shopping centre of choice.