Our Good quality Car park/ Car Port shades is an investment that you will never look back on or regret.

We maximize every inch of space in your compound making a bespoke product.

At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED you get durable and elegant Car parking shades with a life span for 12yrs.


There are a number of options as far as steel framed shadeports are concerned. The first comprises a structure supported by four tubular steel legs each of which is either fixed to the ground or simply stands on it depending upon whether or not the shadeport is intended to be portable and can therefore be relocated.

The other option is the cantilever shadeport in which the steel framework is supported at only one end by legs fixed into the ground with the horizontal spans beam out over the parking space. The advantage of beam shadeports or carports is that vehicles have a bigger turning circle space when entering or exiting the parking bay.

Some shadeports use tension cables to keep the shade net or shade cloth in place. It is preferable to have galvanised steel used in the construction of the shadeport structure especially in coastal regions where rust could be a problem.

There are many advantages a shadeport has over a garage: