We also offer waterproof and non-waterproof shade net material carport option. We mostly install them at Office parks but we can also install them at your personal residence as they come in single, double and triple sizes

Our Canti-lever option shadeport is developed specially to suit parking areas with little move around space, as the ground posts are at the back or front of the carport enabling you to park your vehicle with ease.

We also offer this option as it’s a cost effective way to keep your assets covered from our harmful African Sun, be it your Children’s playground or Vehicles.

We have been covering Kenya with Shade netting carports for the past 10 years, our aim is to provide Quality structures and shade netting, while it’s known that our prices are unbeatable. All our shade netting are between 90%-95% sun block out.

We manufacture all material used ourselves and don’t sub contract anything, therefore the competitive prices.

Carports complete the look of your outdoor space, they can be installed in Malls, offices, home compounds, hospital, hotels, and restaurants

We are known for providing clean workmanship and excellent after-sale service with up to 12 months of free maintenance upon request.

We offer site visits within Nairobi for free and outside of Nairobi at a fee and we may charge accommodation depending on the location. Our team of experts will answer all your queries at the site and later with the help of our sales team you can discuss other details of the project.