Privacy fence screen netting is a cheaper option compared to building brick wall structures. As usual, we love to bring you innovative and affordable solutions for your problems. Do not miss out on privacy privileges just because you think you must have a brick wall structure, gone are the days.


It is ideal for apartment balconies, backyards and basically anywhere you feel might do with a bit of privacy.

Qualities and uses:

We use HDPE shadenet Fabric that is durable and robust. HDPE is known for it long lasting qualities. It is specially designed for the outdoors meaning it will be able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as rot, mildew, water and UV rays.

You will no longer have to worry about passersby and neighbors. Privacy automatically gives someone a feeling of safety and sometimes we all need that.

It acts as a solid barrier to different elements including dirt and unwanted materials. Keeping your compound stylish and clean.

Adding Privacy Screens to your outdoor space is the simplest way to add character to your space. The Screens are available in Dark green, Beige, Black and Dark Green. These are beautiful neutral colors that will merge perfectly with different colors and themes you already have in your space.

Can act a partition in your compound. It is a good option when you feel like a brick wall will be a lot and you want to partition different areas in your compound. The aim of this is to be able to enjoy different areas of your home separately and privately.

Helps to block excess wind while remaining breathable. If you are a person who enjoys time outdoors, you know how uncomfortable it can get when it’s drafty. The Outdoor Privacy Screens provide maximum comfort during outdoor time.