Carports and shadeports in Nairobi Kenya

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED is a leading manufacturer of carports and shadeports in Kenya. We install four-post carports and shadeports, wall-on-wall structures and cantilever carports and shadeports.

All carports and shadeports structures are manufactured from mild steel and galvanised, polycarbonate roofing. The polycarbonate, Chromadek as well as shade nets on our carports and shadeports is available in various colours.

We build carports and shadeports in Kenya to your requirements. Our carports and shadeports installers are based in the East Rand and will help you order the best, most suitable and affordable carports and shadeports for your requirements. The carports structures are made with Round or Square posts as well as IPE etc. depending on the clients need. The structures of top also can be with different material and shadeports structures are manufactured from round poles, and the fabric for the shadeports are available in normal or waterproof shade cloth.


SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED manufactures and installs Carports from 4 posts to wall on wall structures and cantilever carports. The structures are manufactured from mild steel and galvanised, SHADENET FABRIC ROOFING or polycarbonate roofing. The SHEETS for the polycarbonate are available in various colours.

Carports and shadeports benefits

Carports are ideal when you do not have a garage for your car, or to cover additional cars parked on your property. UV from the sun can make the paint on your car fade, crack the dashboard, seats and steering wheel, and also affects the longevity of your car’s airbags, seatbelts and hoses in the engine.

A carport offers lasting protection for your vehicles with a stylish look that fits in perfectly with the rest of your property. In addition to protection, carports can also increase your property value.

Shadeports, Vehicle parking shades, Car Park Shades are similar to carports and are a cost-effective way to protect vehicles from ELEMENTS. They are perfect FOR business parks, office blocks or restaurants. The SHADE NET fabric used in the shadeports offer up to 96% shade and you can choose a waterproof option to keep your vehicles dry in the rain.

In addition to protecting your vehicles, shadeports are perfect for entertainment areas, so you can enjoy your braai regardless of the weather or snuggle up next to the fire pit when an unseasonal cloudburst catches you off-guard.