The cotton canvas is of high quality. it is densely woven with a medium texture and a stiff handle. A mid to heavy weight canvas is perfect for workwear or for upholstery

THE COTTON canvas MATERIAL, packed with many wonderful features, make it the best fabric for so many uses. Its most notable feature is its tensile strength. While that varies from fabric to fabric due to weight, our cotton cloth is durable and outlasts many other fabrics.

This cotton CANVAS cloth remains woven in a strong Oxford weave. While most canvas becomes woven in a plain, one yarn by one yarn pattern, Oxford weaves use two yarns for durability. Wear and tear is different for this canvas fabric, which allows it to remain as strong as day one if properly taken care of.

Durability isn’t the only punch our cotton CANVAS cloth is packing. Along with having wonderful lasting properties, it is made from 100% cotton. Those that may have ailments due to synthetic fabrics can rest easy knowing that this all natural fabric will not flare up any reaction when using it.

As previously stated, the options for the cotton CANVAS cloth are endless. If you are working on a project requiring water repellent properties, this fabric is great to apply wax to for an added water resistant barrier. Using products like Canvas Wax make it simple to optimize your canvas fabric for water repellent uses.

All in all, a fabric like our cotton CANVAS MATERIAL boasts many features that make using this fabric a breeze.