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sbf / July 15, 2023

Roller Blinds Able to reduce indoor room temperature, often by as much as 20 degrees during hot season, thus reducing air conditioning costs. In cooler weather, solar screens can be raised to allow sun’s warmth to enter and warm the room – something that window tints cannot do. They help…

sbf / January 3, 2022

Straight drop awnings represent the ultimate in design and function, providing UV protection, air flow control and ease of operation. This Awnings provide flexibility, perfect for two storey homes or higher to allow for consistent visual aesthetics Roll-down shades offer the flexibility of shade when you want it and open…

sbf / January 3, 2022

NB: All our outdoor curtains and roller blinds are custom-made on order, everything is available on pre-order.

sbf / January 3, 2022

OUTDOOR WINDOW BLINDS Outdoor blinds are ideal solutions for protecting an outdoor space from the sun’s harmful rays, wind, cold, insects, and dust. Moreover, they make the space cozy enough for your “me” time or to relax and dine with your family and friends. They can be installed in any…

sbf / November 16, 2021

50mm Woodlux Venetian Blinds are also referred to as wooden Venetian Blinds or Basswood Venetian blinds. Our 50mm Woodlux Venetian Blinds, as the names indicates, are manufactured using 50mm basswood slats that have a “Diamond” UV coating for extra protection. 50mm Woodlux Venetian Blinds are versatile, affordable and offer a…