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sbf / September 5, 2023

Benefits of a Garden Gazebo Looking to upgrade your outdoor space? Unique and fun, our gazebos can offer a host of benefits. They are ideal for filling up the landscape of a large empty outdoor area and look especially beautiful near lakes or atop islands. Gazebos provide an attractive focal…

sbf / September 5, 2023

BENEFITS OF A GARDEN GAZEBO Flexible use – from tea house to wedding venue Garden gazebos can be used flexibly. In a private setting they can serve as a calm oasis to retreat to, where you can linger with family and friends; it can serve to protect your BBQ or…

sbf / September 5, 2023

A gazebo in the garden has many advantages, especially if it is a year-round gazebo. Either way, a gazebo expands the available living space or catering space, protects against wind and weather and can be used flexibly for a variety of purposes. But not only that: In the best case, a…

sbf / September 5, 2023

Top 5 benefits of having a gazebo They’re great throughout the year. The Garden Gazebo features 100% cover factor for the ultimate protection from both sun and rain. It guards against UV throughout the hot summer, and is more than capable of keeping you sheltered from wind and rain throughout the cold…

sbf / July 28, 2023

DESIGNED TO BRING YOU AND YOUR HOME CLOSER TO NATURE SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED aims to reconnect people with nature by softening the barrier between home and garden. The system is comprised of three distinct structures each providing its own special place. These structures can be interchanged in…

sbf / September 21, 2021

Outdoor Offset Parasols, Patio Cantilever Umbrella with Base for Garden, Deck, lawns, Backyard and Swimming Pool. The cantilever-offset parasol, is an outdoor product originally designed for professionals, the cantilever-offset parasol benefits from professional quality and ease of use on a daily basis. DETAILS

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