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sbf / September 16, 2021

THE HISTORY OF CARPORTS The metal carport is the most simple of our metal buildings. Carports are commonly known and referred to, but have you ever wondered how carports actually came to be? What was once known as a downright luxury is now a normal storage unit for vehicles, equipment, and more….

sbf / September 11, 2021

What are shade nets? A shade net is a fabric knitted or woven from HDPE material that is primarily designed to protect crops and animals against harsh radiation from the sun either by absorbing or reflecting light; Shade nets however have many other applications. Shade nets are manufactured with different…

sbf / June 20, 2021

Shade Protection From UV Rays. One of the most valuable options that the outdooor shading offer are the solar screens that block out harmful solar radiation and provide safe shading. No matter what time of the year it is, Ultra Violate (UV) rays can be dangerous when a person is…

sbf / June 18, 2021

While indoor shades are usually a lot more about design than function, outdoor shade doesn’t necessarily serve the same purpose. Outdoor shade focuses more on protection from the elements than upon aesthetics. But like indoor shades, outdoor shades come in many styles, types, sizes, and materials. Each type is specific…

sbf / June 18, 2021

Cantilever shades come in different sizes, forms and designs depending on where and how you want them to be useful. Below are some specific areas where cantilever shades are useful.

sbf / June 18, 2021

 HERE ARE A FEW KEY FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE INSTALLING YOUR NEW SHADE! Sun Position As you know, the sun moves from East to West during the day. Depending on where you are, the sun will be directly overhead at different times of the day. So, depending on what your…

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