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sbf / November 28, 2023

As they are perfect for all kinds of enjoyment, socializing, and relaxation, the world is now more inquisitive about glass verandas than ever before. Our expert guide below will enable you to learn everything you need to know about a traditional glass veranda. What are Glass Verandas and why are…

sbf / November 24, 2023

Transform your outdoor space today with a glass veranda roof. Glass verandas are an easy and economical way to utilize your patio area whatever the weather. A glass veranda gives you a covered area with open sides, this protects you from the weather, without losing the delights of outdoor living….

sbf / October 4, 2023

What Is the Point of a Pergola? A pergola is the perfect combination of fashion and function. It serves many purposes: Aesthetic Appeal What is probably the most obvious benefit of having a pergola is that it provides an attractive focal point for your lawn or patio area. Whether a…

sbf / October 4, 2023

What Is a Pergola and What Purpose Does It Serve? You’ve probably heard the term “pergola,” but may be unsure of what a pergola actually is. If you’ve ever seen a backyard structure that looks like a cross between a gazebo and an arbor, it’s likely a pergola. These increasingly…

sbf / September 3, 2023

IS A PERGOLA EASY TO ASSEMBLE?  We have a specialized team of experts who fabricate and install the pergolas at the clients request and according to the preference of the client. HOW TO MAKE THE ORDER?  Kindly send us the sizes of the area and the pictures of the construction…

sbf / July 13, 2023

Polycarbonate Roof Polycarbonate solution provides good acoustical insulation and maximize your outdoor living space and lifestyle. The advantage of polycarbonate roofing and awning is its high impact resistance being practically unbreakable in some instances as its material is much tougher than glass. Polycarbonate roofing and awning is an easy and…

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