A carport obviously is a much smaller investment than investing in building an attached or detached garage.

So if you are working on a budget, but still need a way to protect your car, then a carport might be the most cost-effective way for you to go.

The longer you leave your car sitting out in the elements, the more the paint fades and other natural elements beat down on it, and it is totally unprotected from  wind damage.

So if you would like to drive your car for years to come, then you need to take as good care of it as you can.

This means that if you have the shelter to park it where it is covered, then this would be a good thing to do.

Carports are actually a nice addition to your home.

they can be built as simple or lavish as you desire.
Not to mention, if contract SBF to build it, we will help increase the value of the home. This is because any structure that cannot be removed from the property is counted in as an appraisal.