Constructing a carport shade in Kenya can be easily done especially if you are purchasing pre-fabricated materials. However, it’s always a challenge if the pre-fabricated materials is not constructed per the specifications you need, hence the reason why you should contract the services of a professional company like SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED. The other consideration you need to keep in mind is the design, we have a team of highly trained engineers and designers who are able to custom-make any design you want.


Creation of new space: every home owner or even commercial user feels that creation of more space is best. The good thing about an installed carport shade is that you get to create space that can be used as a porch -a resting area of sort. So if you are looking to create more space at home in Kenya just build a carport shade that can also be converted into a multi-purpose shade.

Storage: If you have other motor cycles, lawn mowers & bikes you can easily store them alongside your ordinary vehicles to use maximum use of available space. With a large enough land then you can install a professional and beautifully designed carport shade from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Carport shades by the virtue of being without much accessories will help in saving on electricity and energy unlike other type of storage facilities.

Conveniencethe great thing about carport shades is that they are technically built with open sides and this in itself offers convenience when you get home or to work carrying various packages. You will be able to carry them out with much ease.

 It’s cheaper and add value to a home; consider selling your property? When you need to sell a home without a garage, a carport shade in Nairobi offers a cheaper replacement in that people won’t feel discouraged to buy a home without a garage since the carport shade is already in place.

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