Army Tents
These range from huge Marquees, used as Mess Tents, kitchen Tents to marquee used as Hospital Tents and the Parade Tents. We have a credit of supplying our tough Army Tents to many regiments in the Kenyan Army, Hospital Tents to Hospitals all over East Africa, and exported our Parade Tents to DR CONGO, just to mention a few. We are the Best Military Tents Manufacturers.

Tents For Army
Our Army Tents are made up of two layers, outer of water-repellent + rot-resistant cotton canvas in Olive Green color, with lining of cotton sheeting. These double layered tents are more durable and long lasting tents than Single layered tents. These tents can also survive desert conditions and are very Heavy Duty Tents. SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED makes the Best Quality Tents for Army.

Military Tents
According to the requirement of the army, the canvas walls are detachable, the Outer is made up of water repellent and rot resistant cotton Canvas or rip stop canvas in Olive green color, inner of matching color fabric, with regiment LOGOS printed in the interior of the Tents. You can send us the LOGO of your regiment and we will print it on the interior walls of your Army Tent. We have done it for many regiments.

Tent Accessories
Bamboo poles or Metal poles , wooden Pegs, Cotton ropes, tassels, Wooden pole tops everything required to put up the tent is included with the tent, you will only need to buy an Iron Hammer. We make the Best Quality Single Pole Tents, EPIP Tents, Military Tents, Tents for the Army, Truck Tents, Mess Tents, Tents for Parade Grounds.

Size: 10m x 15m Wall: 2m Center: 4m