The privacy screen will stop sun heat and provide up to 90% privacy. It allows outside air to pass through to ensure good ventilation and can resist wind and rain to a certain extent. Can be used for balcony, welded wire fence, fence screening, chain link fence, patio, privacy barrier, outdoor paneling, porch, backyard, front yard, garden, deck and more.

NB: Perfect for construction sites, scenery spot, garden, backyard, schoolyard, tennis court, poultry guard, commercial and residential use.

Privacy Fence shade-netting is designed to cut down visibility on buildings as well as suppress dust and wind.

1.Why should we use the privacy screen? Protect yourself on your balcony or from prying eyes and make your more privacy with the screening
2.It provides the privacy and UV protection for your balcony, garden fence, pools, patio or porch, and also ideal for flowers, planting in small areas, etc.
3.Durable and anti-aging, tear-resistant, weather-resistant, UV- resistant, fast drying, and easy care.
4.suitable for all weather conditions such as hot weather, wind, rain, snow, cold and so on. Reinforced edges and durable structure edges are double sewn to prevent tearing. Balcony screen window is bask in, prevent long sunshine keep out to cause damage.
5.Multiple usability is used for visual protection of balconies; Used to block the sunlight on the roof; Used as mulch for garden fences; Used to separate seats in the garden; Used for cars and garbage storage areas.
6.Comes with a mounting cable ties. einforced aluminum eyelets for connecting on balcony, very easy to install.

Privacy Screens are made from knitted HDPE shade net, these nets have various functions and can be put in many uses such as a perimeter wall privacy fence or a wind-breaker. The nets also give weatherproof protection against sun, wind and even heavy hail damage. The knitted interlocked structure is tear resistant and will not unravel if damaged. They will withstand heavy wind, abrasion and are UV stabilized.