We are a professional shadenet company engaged in production, sales and trade. Over 5 years of experience in this industry.

Shade Nets are lightweight knitted Polyethylene fabrics which are brought in use to bring about the protection from Sun’s heat and the ultraviolet radiations which we or the plants might be exposed to unknowingly.

Shade net is available in various types which blocks the sun rays from 50% to 90% and decrease the temperature accordingly. 90% which reduce 90% sunlight.

For plants/agriculture-Shade cloth percentage should typically be 40-60%, and can both reduce temperatures by 13 – 23 degrees F, & increase plant production. Shade-loving plants like orchids & ferns do better with a higher shading percentage (75%), & heat-tolerant plants prefer a lower percentage (30-40%).

Usually dark colored shade net cloths which are green and black are used to deprive the plants of much strong sunlight which keeps the interior heat controlled and it is good for plants that thrive in shade.

Diffusion of light underneath white/lighter shade cloth is also improved. White/lighter shade cloth absorbs and reflects the white scattered light from the atmosphere. The interior of the structure is cooler than that covered by black/darker shade cloth in hot weather condition, as white shade cloth reflects the heat.

Shade net is covered with plastics net (Nets are made of 100% Polyethylene thread with specialised UV treatment) having different shade percentages. It provides partially controlled atmosphere and environment by reducing light intensity and effective heat during day time to crops grown under it.

Material:     Plastic
Type:        Plastic Net
Plastic Net:     Shade Net
Shade Rate:    95%/ Customized
Energy Saving Rate:   30%