Things to consider when building a carport

Before building a carport, you need to know what you want and what you can afford. You need to consider the permanence of the structure and the protection you want it to provide.

  1. Consider what you are storing

The first thing to consider is what you are trying to keep in your carport. Do you have motorbikes or an RV? Remember that you may get new vehicles of different sizes, and you want to be able to do so without making adjustments to your carport.

  1. Determine the needed level of protection

If you live in an extremely windy area surrounded by trees, you probably want to opt for a sturdier option. Strong winds and heavy rains are concerns in most parts of KENYA. Decide whether you just want shade cloth to keep it cooler and free of bird excrement or if you need a carport with enclosed sides.

  1. Decide on the suitable materials and structure

The level of protection you are looking for influences the materials you will make it out of.

Be sure that the floor of your carport can hold a lot of weight and drains efficiently. The same goes for your roof; you do not want water or debris collecting on top of it.

  1. Plan your budget

Of course, if you have a strict budget, you will be more limited in your design and materials options. If you have any doubts about putting one up, it will likely be cheaper to call in a professional from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED – we don’t make any costly mistakes.

  1. Check the regulations in advance

Check your local regulations and get signed permission from your neighbours (if it blocks their view or could be considered an eyesore). Search your municipal website or enquire at the nearest building inspectorate for the rules around Minor Building Works (MBW).

  1. Decide on the aesthetics and placement

Try to match the materials – flooring, roofing and overall structure – to your house and garden. Search SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED website for different designs (A-frame, arch, flat-topped, traditional etc.) and consider whether you want your carport to be freestanding or attached to your house/garage. The placement will affect pricing – depending on what materials you use.

  1. Think about the security

Lastly are security concerns. If you are looking to be highly secure, then you may want to keep your carport around the back or put sides on it so that the inside cannot be seen from the road. Furthermore, keeping it well lit will aid both aesthetic and security.