Our Privacy Screens are a new and innovative product that are designed to protect your property. Ideal to fix to carports or patios as they are made with long lasting anti-corrosive steel framing with a durable powder coat finish. These fixed screen panels are securely fixed into position.

We use a high quality shade sail fabric (90% + U.V. Knitted). Available in a wide variety of colour combinations. Cleaning is a simple as a hose off.

These screens will help protect you from heat, wind, rain and hail, at the same time allowing you to see out whilst maintaining your privacy.

The SHADE NET Fencing system is primarily used for perimeter or boundary fencing. This design offers maximum privacy, as you would get from any brick wall, however the shade net Fencing has the added advantage of never needing any maintenance. Our shade net Fencing system allows for shared costs for neighbours installing a boundary shade net Fencing system, as both sides are identical & equally attractive.


Perimeter Screen shade-netting is designed to cut down visibility on buildings as well as suppress dust and wind.