Why Are Shade Sails Triangular Or Squared Shaped?

If you want to make most of your outdoor area, sail shades or shade sails are the best option. There are various choices made available like umbrellas, yet they’re not really effective. Although you can use umbrellas for covering a big area, these can be a hassle during strong rains or winds. On the other hand, shade sails come with several features and block UV rays effectively.

There are many colors and designs available in today’s market when it comes to shade sails. But, in terms of shapes, there are 3 common shapes and these include triangular, square, and rectangular shade sails. Every shape of shade sail has practical implications and comes with both pros and cons.

Rectangular or Square Shade Sails

These are perfect if you want to cover a huge area. But, remember that the bigger your shade sail is, your anchor points must be stronger. Your poles must be dug at least four feet in the ground depending on how huge the area is.

You’d have to consult our engineers to get the exact depth for good structural stability. Therefore, installing this kind of shade sails may be a little tasking on big areas. Aside from that, rectangular and square shaped sail shades may tend to balloon up or sag in the middle. It may either happen because of lack of tension and due to the water collected on the shade.

Triangular Shade Sails

The biggest cons of triangular shade sails is you’d require lots of them to cover a bigger area. As a matter of fact, when covering a big area using 2 or more triangular sail shades frequently, a gap could remain between 2 shades due to the shape. Rain may seep through the gap, which could result to inconvenience. But, triangular shade sails are ideal for smaller areas. As a matter of fact, its most distinct benefit over some shapes is these can be arranged in some ways. Therefore, they may be played around with creatively. They can also be an architectural focal point in your place.

When compared to square shaped shade sails, you won’t about sagging or ballooning up. Due to its shape, these can keep the tension much better in a natural manner. Also, the installation of such types of sail shades is much faster and simpler.

Which Shade Sails Should You Use?

For you to know the best option for you, there are some things that you must take for consideration.

These include the following:

Size of the Place You Want to Cover

If you want to cover a big area, you should stick with rectangular or square shaped shade sails. See to it that you get an expert on board to install it since these shade sails must be installed properly to avoid any possible problems.


Which can give you the best coverage? You would want a shade that will provide you a maximum coverage. Depending on the design of your place, select a shade wisely.

Shade’s Function

Shade sails are used because of their features that can protect you from the harmful UV rays. But, most of the time, in modern houses, these are used as aesthetic focal point. If it is the case, triangular shape shade sails should be your best bet.