One of our most popular awnings, our Folding Arm Awnings act to extend your outdoor living area. The awning can then be extended or retracted by either a manual crank drive, or motorised – either way the awning can be fully extended or only partially extended. Available for a variety of uses, they can be up manufactured up to 18m wide and 3.6m projection

Walk out onto the terrace. The sun rays are filtered by the fabric of your retractable awning. Feel the wellness. Look at the back of its frame. The roller tube supports inserted directly into the ends of the square bar are simply amazing. Look at the plastic covers of the arm supports. Their finishing is simply unbelievable. The back view of this design object is outstanding. You never would have thought that a roof mounted awning could be so different.

Manufactured in aluminium alloy, it only uses certified stainless steel screws and pins and Ø 80mm roller tube.

It has a design patent valid in all EU Member States and is guaranteed 5 years.

Optional extras: motorisation, sun and wind sensors, valance, protective hood.

NB: Offers outstanding mechanical performance and design